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Campus Alberta

Credit learning and upgrading opportunities for students in the Yellowhead Region.

Alberta Distance Learning Centre

Upgrading and high school diploma information and courses.

Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)


This Government of Alberta website is an on-line source for career, learning and employment information.

Guide to Grammar & Writing


A grammar & writing site that could be a useful resource for instructors. If you need a little help with your grammar or tips on writing, this site has a comprehensive index.

Glossary of Grammar & Punctuation


This page is a glossary of all the grammar, and punctuation terms. Each term also includes a link that further describes and provides examples of each part of speech/punctuation.

Fun Math Games and Teacher Resources



Coordinator links


ATESL (Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language)


A professional organization that promotes the highest standards of ESL in Alberta by promoting professional development, advocating on behalf of ESL learners, and working to establish best practice guidelines and standards for ESL practitioners across Alberta. An annual conference in the fall.

Resources en Français aussi!

Calgary Community Adult Learning Association


See what is happening with Adult Learning in urban Alberta!

Calgary Learning Centre


Operated by the Calgary Society for Students with Learning Difficulties since 1979. The Centre has a strong reputation for high quality programs and services in the area of learning disabilities, AD/HD and literacy.



Canada's resource publication on technology and literacy. Includes tips on lesson plans, technology tips, interesting websites, software review & articles of relevance to technology and literacy.

Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre


A non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to including people with developmental disabilities into the community in real and meaningful ways.

Office of Learning Technologies - HRDC


Your partner in lifelong learning.

National Adult Literacy Database


The National Adult Literacy Database (NALD) Inc. is a Canadian non-profit registered charity. NALD’s mission is to provide Internet-based literacy and essential skills information and resources in both of Canada’s official languages.


Centre for Intercultural Learning


Community Learning Network


The Community Learning Network provides leadership, resources, and connections to over 80 Community Adult Learning Councils (CALCs) across Alberta.

Cultural Profiles Project


Each cultural profile provides an overview of life and customs in the profiled country.


Canadian Language Benchmarks


The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks is the centre of expertise in support of the national standards in English and French for describing, measuring and recognizing second language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.


Government of Alberta: Advanced Education & Technology


Volunteer Alberta


Volunteer Alberta has hundreds of members from across rural and urban Alberta representing a variety of subsectors, such as arts and culture, social services, education and health.


Office of Literacy & Essential Skills


The Office of Literacy and Essential Skills (OLES) is focused on improving the literacy and essential skills of adult Canadians. They provide expertise, funding for innovative and dynamic projects and a wide range of learning tools and other resources.


Literacy Basics


Literacy Basics is a free, self-directed online training website for literacy practitioners.


literacy framework links

Living Literacy:

A Literacy Framework for Alberta's Next GenerationEconomy
Albertans play a key role in supporting literacy development in the home,
community and workplace. "Living Literacy" provides a framework for action
that coordinates the efforts of the Government of Alberta and partners to
improve literacy levels for Albertans so that they can thrive and
contribute to the next generation economy.

Literacy First: A Plan for Action
Literacy opens doors to the world.  It is the foundation for continuous
learning and a vital characteristic of the highly skilled population
needed for Alberta's next generation economy. Alberta Education has
developed supports the vision, values and goals of the provincial literacy

Canada Literacy Action Plan

Literacy is more than words. Literacy is the key to opportunity for
individuals, families, and communities across Canada. CMEC has created a
literacy action plan to raise literacy levels from coast to coast to


Gaining and Losing Literacy Skills Over the Lifecourse

A PDF document from the International Adult Literacy Survey and Statistics Canada


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